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 The basics of how to construct paper houses and buidings. Minimize



Once you have paid for a house in a certain size (full size or smaller size) then there will be two "download" buttons instead of the "buy" button for the size you have purchased.

All picture are available in two versions:

1) JPG file for artists and experienced computer people.

2) PDF file for easy printing by everybody else.

The PDF files just require Acrobat Reader installed. When you click on "download" for the PDF file, it will open Acrobat Reader in your web browser and download the picture - please be patient as the files are BIG, so it will take some time to download, durring which Acrobat Reader will redraw the screen several times. Once it stops flashing and you can see the full picture on your screen, you can press "Print" and Acrobat Reader will make sure that your picture is printed as big as possible on an A4 paper, or if you have an A3 printer you can print even bigger houses.

You can also press "Save a copy" to save a copy of the PDF file to your own harddisk. But you can always get a fresh copy from this website.

Please read the FAQ page for the advanced instructions for using the JPG file. If you want to print houses to match a certain scale factor, then you have to use the JPG files and read the advanced instructions.


If you would like us to send you printed copies instead of the downloads please write to us or CLICK HERE 



You can find cheap cartridges and refills on the folowing web site:




Houses and buildings are qualified by difficulty gradient as follows: very easy, easy and harder. To find the detailed instructions please read the FAQ page. (note that  the very easy houses have no instructions)


1) You should start by cuting with scissors or an X-acto* knife all the extra paper around the model. *X-acto knives are VERY DANGEROUS! Any knife is dangerous; use with caution.

2) Fold all the parts that need to be folded (use a ruler and a litle sharp object to mark the paper at the places he need to be folded. this way it will fold easily and exacly at the place it's suposed to). 

3) Using a stick of paper glue, assemble the house.


 -  About 400 years old building from Toulouse (South of France)  -


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